About Dr. Kathryn Tapper

Dr. Kathryn Tapper is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of JustGLOW Coaching and Consulting, a company that empowers women to GROW through life’s challenges so that they can truly GLOW!

This Jamaican born doctor uses her unique personal journey from patient to physician to help others succeed in life by showing them how to DOMINATE their diagnosis and live their DESTINY!

Dr. Tapper also known as Dr. KTap is a Health and Wellness Transformation Specialist, a Holistic Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and the Author of the upcoming book, “You Are Greater Than Your Diagnosis “.

She is also motivational speaker who lives in Florida and through her READY! SET ! GLOW! Program, she is passionate about transforming the lives of women to SHOW UP so that they can GLOW UP and achieve Health Success! She is also the gracious recipient of the Trailblazer Award presented by Dr. Sonja Stribling.”