About Dr. Kathryn Tapper

Dr. Kathryn Tapper is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician turned Health and Wellness Coach who uses her passion for inspiring and impacting others by sharing her own personal health journey.

She has gone from TRIAL to TRANSFORMATION to TRIUMPH, all while living with her diagnosis of end-stage renal (kidney) disease since her teenage years. Her chronic illness coupled with the financial burden that started prior to her migration to the U.S. has yielded a life full of obstacles that she has overcome. She uses each obstacle in life as an opportunity to learn, evolve and fulfill her destiny. She captivates her audience by engaging and empowering them to take back control of their health and to live a life of purpose.

Being a patient before becoming a doctor, Dr. KTap has been able to deeply empathize with the struggles of others. Living with a chronic disease for almost 20 years, she has learned the importance of taking care of her mind, body and spirit while living with authenticity.

There is one thing that she deeply knows after living a life of:

– Growing up in a single-parent home

– Struggling with the transition of migrating from Jamaica to the U.S.

– Overcoming anxiety and lack of self-worth

– Financial hardship

– Struggling with access to healthcare and

– Living with a chronic illness

is that the power and determination to pursue one’s passion already lies deep within.

She has learned and developed key principles and strategies to unleash that power to live a free-flowing and fulfilling life. With this wisdom, she transforms the lives of others to discover and access that inner strength in order to excel in life. Dr. KTap lives in her truth by knowing that she is ultimately in control of how she lives her life regardless of the circumstances. She believes that those who live with a chronic illness, like herself, have the power to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, knowing that they are greater than their diagnosis.

Dr. KTap is a Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Transformation Specialist and Author of the upcoming book “You Are Greater Than Your Diagnosis”.

She is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of JustGLOW Coaching and Consulting where she empowers women who struggle with their health and feel overwhelmed in life to DOMINATE their diagnosis and LIVE their DESTINY!

Her signature program, The Health Success System includes one-on-one coaching, group training and online seminars that allow women to practice holistic wellness while gaining the wisdom and confidence to take charge and live a more purposeful life.

Dr. KTap truly believes that “everything starts from within you, you just have to find a way to let it out.”